Data Portability: Google Music to Last.Fm

I’ve been a subscriber to Google Play Music / YouTube Premium since it launched in 2016. I watch a lot of YouTube videos on my TV with Chromecast – YouTube Premium makes that ad-free. Combined with a music streaming service for the whole family and its definitely worth the $15 / month. Continue Reading

3 minute read

Best Passwords for Trivia Murder Party

Due to COVID-19 and Pennsylvania’s stay-at-home order, I’ve been playing a lot of Jackbox Games with my friends. If you’re unfamiliar with the games, one person in the group has to own the game and then streams it (we’ve been using Discord for this). Everyone else is then able to play the game remotely through a web page that let’s you enter answers. Continue Reading

3 minute read

The Meaning Behind “I Don’t Care”

At a previous job, one of my management mentors always took umbrage when someone asked me a question and my response was “I don’t care.” It took me a bit to understand that, when he heard me say that, he understood it as “this isn’t important, why are you bothering me?” He’d remind me that I did care about the results of the decision. Continue Reading

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