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New Gig, New Tools

I’m going to be temporarily putting my work with Seven Languages in Seven Weeks on hold so that I can explore some new PHP tools. I’ve accepted an offer at a new company, staring later this month, and want to devote some time to learning the tools they’ve picked out. For starters, we’ll be using Zend Framework 2 for the application that I’ll be focusing on.

I have experience with the original Zend Framework but, when ZF2 and Symfony 2 released, went the Symfony 2 route instead. Looking through the Getting Started with Zend Framework 2 tutorial, I see things that are similar to both frameworks that I’m familiar with. That’s one of the awesome things about the PHP-FIG: cross pollination.

I definitely intend to return to the exploration of new languages, but I want to be able to hit the ground running on this new project. Stay tuned.