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Things I Built

I Built an Escape Room!

A holiday event that started with the question: “What would take to make an entire escape room with narratively logical puzzles?”

Data Portability: Google Music to Last.Fm

I’ve been a subscriber to Google Play Music / YouTube Premium since it launched in 2016. I watch a lot of YouTube videos on my TV with Chromecast – YouTube Premium makes that ad-free. Combined with a music streaming service for the whole family and its definitely worth the $15 / month. In that time, I’ve had access to music both through the Google Play Music and YouTube Music apps. There’s pros and cons of both: YouTube Music has musical YouTube videos that aren’t available as singles on streaming services.

Cracking the Password in Trivia Murder Party

This is a follow-up to my post on finding the best passwords for Trivia Murder Party. See that post for the rules of Password in Jackbox’s Trivia Murder Party 2 and more background information. The actual best way to crack the password in game would be an interactive tool that immediate surfaces the best next word to try based on the previous results. If you enter cost and learn the last letter is T and the first letter isn’t C, then there’s no reason to try coin.

Best Passwords for Trivia Murder Party

Due to COVID-19 and Pennsylvania’s stay-at-home order, I’ve been playing a lot of Jackbox Games with my friends. If you’re unfamiliar with the games, one person in the group has to own the game and then streams it (we’ve been using Discord for this). Everyone else is then able to play the game remotely through a web page that let’s you enter answers. One of my group’s favorite games is Trivia Murder Party 2: